(Forward by Zandile Blay from Limited Edition Collectible Booklet)

Despite the decades and distance between them, James Barnor, Myx Boadi-Alawiye Michael Kofi Quest and Kofi Amaniampong connected.

He was eighty-two years old, and they were over fifty years his junior. Yet they had something in common: Love.

For Barnor, it was a love for country, culture and craft.

For Quest and Amaniampong, it was love for precious historic and heritage moments captured by a photographer they considered a Ghanaian cultural icon that needed to be celebrated who had been brought to their attention by their friend Laud Aryee.

This love birthed a mission which transformed into an exhibition which is captured by the very booklet you hold in your hands. A booklet that shares the very pictures Quest and Amaniampong flew over from London to launch the first ever exhibition of Barnor’s works in Ghana where they originated.

I count it an honour and a privilege to join the campaign of awareness for Mr. Barnor’s archives launched by Quest and Amaniampong. Working together between London, New York and Accra, this project has taught us rich lessons about the spectrum of people who are equally inspired by Mr. Barnor and his photos. It’s taught us more than we’d ever hoped to learn about the phrase: Labour Of Love.

It’s a lesson we share with you.

As you review these pictures, you will understand the reverence, passion and persistence that drove Quest and Amaniampong to celebrate Mr. Barnor’s work on a grand scale. This prodigious man and his powerful photos define a legacy, a talent and a generation as

For Ever Young

View pictures of the 4 day exhibition at the British Council, Accra and Silverbird Lounge, Accra Mall which took place 29th June – 2nd July 2012 on

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